Noble Great Plains Windpark

GPW HeardAt a glance:
Hansford County, Texas
Size: 114 MW

With its excellent wind resource, Hansford County is an ideal location for a windpark.

The Noble Great Plains Windpark consists of 76 1.5 MW turbines from General Electric, and has a total capacity of 114 megawatts. It is Noble Environmental Power’s first windpark in the State of Texas, and yields the following benefits:

Job Creation

  • The Noble Great Plains Windpark created a significant number of new jobs during its construction, and several long-term, well-paying jobs upon entering its operations phase.
  • Noble Environmental Power is committed to hiring qualified residents and companies from 
local and regional Texas communities.

About Wind Energy

  • Wind energy is 100% clean and renewable. Unlike fossil fuel power plants, wind energy creates no pollution — no acid rain, no smog, and no mercury, which is a harmful toxin, particularly to women and children.
  • The Noble Great Plains Windpark creates enough clean energy to provide the annual electricity needs of approximately 38,000 homes.

Economic benefits

  • Payments from the Noble Great Plains Windpark will provide new income for Hansford County and its schools every year. This money can be used to reduce local taxes and improve local services.