Noble Ellenburg Windpark

Ellenburg Fall Rainbow 2011-smAt a glance:
Location: Clinton County, NY 

Size: 81 MW

With its excellent wind resources, the town of Ellenburg is an ideal location for a windpark. Noble Environmental Power has constructed an 81 megawatt (MW) windpark using 54 GE 1.5 MW turbines. Together, the Noble Ellenburg Windpark and its neighboring Noble Clinton Windpark, represent a $360 million investment in clean, renewable energy that will bring an estimated $231 million in new revenue to the Ellenburg and Clinton economies over the next 20 years.

The Noble Ellenburg Windpark provides the following economic benefits to the community of Ellenburg, Clinton County, and the Northern Adirondack schools:


Job creation

  • The Noble Ellenburg Windpark created hundreds of jobs during construction, and several long-term, well-paying jobs when it became operational.
  • Noble has kept its commitment to hiring qualified residents from the local and regional New York community.

About Wind Energy

  • Wind energy is 100% clean and renewable. Unlike fossil fuel power plants, wind energy creates no pollution — no acid rain, no smog, and no mercury, which is a harmful toxin, particularly to women and children.
  •  The Noble Ellenburg Windpark creates enough clean energy to provide the annual electricity needs of approximately 27,000 homes.
  • To make that much energy from coal, over 20 years, you would have to burn 1.84 million tons of coal – it would take a train 209 miles long to hold that much coal!

Economic benefits

  • The Noble Ellenburg Windpark pays an estimated $486,000 per year in tax and town benefit payments to the town of Ellenburg, Clinton County, and Northern Adirondack Schools.
  • Lease payments to participating landowners also provide a significant source of income to the local community.
  • Over 20 years, the Noble Ellenburg Windpark will create an estimated $68,600,000 in local economic benefits.